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Treasures Auctions is a collective of verified international auction sites. We auction certified gemstones, gemstone jewellery, coins, collectables, minerals and unique treasures from Australia and around  the world. With thousands of auctions each day at genuine wholesale prices, we are confident you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

Verified sellers Our Proven Verified sellers program has been a huge benefit to our Treasures auctions site helping to sell over 500,000 gems online. Unlike other sites we only allow verified industry sellers. Our soon to be released Verified Sellers Seal will be available for only $39 per annum. Only genuine industry participants will be approved with each member receiving a certified registered number.
Logo - Opal Auctions Opal Auctions is a collective of verified international Opal wholesalers. We auction Opals from Australia and around the world, with over 60 international sellers. Whether you’re looking for black or boulder Opals from Australia, Ethiopian or Mexican Opals, rough Opals to cut or a selection of Opal jewellery to wear, you have a global market at your fingertips.
Logo - Gemrock Auctions Looking for gemstones, jewellery, minerals and unique treasures? Find them at Gem Rock Auctions. We have one of worlds’ largest selections of certified Gemstones and colour diamond’s. Our verified sellers are professional industry wholesalers and we are a recommended supplier by IGA.
Logo - Jewelry Auctioned Jewelry Auctioned is a collective of verified international jewelry gemstone wholesalers. Our Sellers are required to agree to the high standards of the Jewelers Ethics Association, and we are a   recommended supplier for the International Gemstone Association (IGA).
 Logo - Coins Auctioned Coins Auctioned is another site in our rapidly growing auction network which also contains Opal Auctions and Gem Rock Auctions, now with over 100,000 live auctions and over 100,000 sales to the public.
 Logo - Treasures Auctioned After years of building a successful global marketplace, we’re bringing business back home to Australia. Treasures Auctions is an online marketplace exclusively for Australian buyers and Australian businesses. This broad marketplace is filled with jewellery, ancient artifacts, coins and collectibles, clothing, fashion accessories, home decor, wellness products and more.


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