Shame Scammers on eBay

Opal sellers on eBay have been doing lot harm to the Honest genuine opal sellers and is now hurting the opal industry
We just did article about Eita Ridge Black Opal Scam … -opal-scam
It is a wonder that the American Opal society or the Australian Opal association hasn’t taken steps to attack these unscrupulous sellers!
eBay lets sellers get away with deceptive description but one has to wonder how many thousands people have black opals that are not genuine.
Some these thai sellers have 30,000 feedbacks.But try and view negative feedback and you are re directed to sales so buyers cannot view these fake opals .
We normally don’t allow links outside our site
but now will allow members to post thread to a deceptive auction on eBay or another site
and you are welcome to leave comments to Shame these low class scum opal sellers .
Wayne Sedawie