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Wayne Sedawie is the CEO of Treasuresauctions with 10 years’ experience selling half a million opals and gems online while monitoring hundreds of sellers. Treasures Auctions is the parent company that rubs separate specialized auction website. These are Opal Auctions, Gem Rock Auctions, Coins Auctioned and Jewelry Auctioned. Wayne shares his insights with the following […]

The Chinese Government policies in cracking down on corruption have greatly affected the spending habits of top end Chinese buyers.  This has affected Opal and jewelry sales and also Gambling habits in Macau. As stated by Wayne Sedawie from observation at recent Hong Kong Jewelry show in March 2015 The Hong Kong show was titled […]

The world is becoming smaller thanks to ecommerce companies like Ebay and Alibaba. Their online sites have created marketplaces where buyers and sellers can connect all across the world. However they do tailor to certain markets, Ebay is still mostly American whereas Alibaba sites are still mainly Chinese. Now that has publicly listed in […]

Gold Treasures Online Having owned Gold mine and spent hundreds if not thousands of  hours prospecting for gold I was surprised to find my most prized Gold Treasure Online. It all started when I placed online advertisement in local area looking for gemstones to buy. A couple in their mid-sixties replied and showed me their Gold […]

Opal Auctions Sells Treasure In The Rough Opal Treasures find – 4500% Return!                                 Opalauctions shares a wonderful Opal Treasure Story .. It all started when Opalauctions very own verified seller ‘Kangaroo Opals’ sold a beautiful 9 carat opal rub to a Canadian buyer sold at a price of $45. To view the auction click here: […]