Non Paying Bidders A Thing Of The Past

Non Paying Bidders A Thing Of The Past

None Bidders on Auctions

Buyers who bid and don’t pay have been problem on auction sites for years

That has changed recently with updates on Treasuresauctions sites

Buyers now need to confirm email address and be paypal verified before bidding can proceed and

can nowalso register from their Facebook login

If a buyer is not verified by paypal they can buy a Buy It Now item and that verifies their account

before they can bid on No reserve auctions

In past we had what we term Bid Junkies.

They would register false email address n name and on our old system could bid on up to 6 items

before our system would ask them to pay before more bids placed

We would suspend them and their IP address but they would simply go to another location such a

library and register and bid again

But that has stopped now as all bids are from approved buyers

99% of non paying bids have been stopped by our new system

But we still have Buyers who will bid and do not pay some sellers.

We term these LEB Lost Emotional Bids

There are many reasons why good buyers who have lot feedback but will not pay for small

percentage bids

Reasons can vary greatly from

Spending over their budget ,many sellers require payment in 3 days after item has been won.

Health reasons and buyer cannot respond in time.

Personal conflict. Some buyers take offense to payment requests.

Professional wording is so important in payment requests.

Some buyer make genuine bid and then find another item they prefer.

We advise sellers if buyer bids and does not pay, that they should block this buyer from bidding

again on their items

Even after monitoring over 2 million bids we cannot find a logical reason why a good buyer will

constantly pay for nearly all of their bids and wins but leave few unpaid.