Gold Treasures Online

Gold Treasures Online

Having owned Gold mine and spent hundreds if not thousands of  hours prospecting for gold I was surprised to find my most prized Gold Treasure Online.

It all started when I placed online advertisement in local area looking for gemstones to buy.

A couple in their mid-sixties replied and showed me their Gold collection that was mined by her father in 1973 in the Gympie gold fields in Queensland Australia. Her father is now 92 years old now.

So I excitedly purchased and kept the prize pieces in my collection.

There is a receipt dated 12th September 1973  for the gold  parcel I bought “to be gold tested”

And this is where the mystery begins.

This parcel of gold has been kept in a sock draw for over 40 years.

But having owned a gold mine I know the importance and excitement to get gold samples tested for quality and purity as quickly as possible.

So why wasn’t this parcel sent off for testing?

Researching online I found that nearly all the Gympie gold fields were under lease to one Gympie gold company and that this area had been worked since 1867 and had pulled out over 116 tonnes of gold.

The only conclusion as to why it was not tested and hidden for 40 years would be, presuming it was taken from area under claim already or if a partnership broke up or if a group people worked for the mine or some illegal activity but we will never know .

My gold mine would only produce 4 grams of gold per tonne when we closed it but this is over 20 grams per tonne not taking the 22 gram  nugget into account and records show many areas had nearly 30 grams of gold per tonne

We used to also pan for gold in river systems of Victoria and still have our first ounce of gold we found, but that took months  of work and today’s petrol expenses would be too high to go to the mine and dig every weekend for gold.

There must be more gold treasures Online waiting to be found!!!!!!

Wayne Sedawie

February   2014