Gold coin treasure found in California

Earlier this year a couple in California found a stash of rare mint condition gold coins from the 1800’s in their backyard. The couple were walking their dog when they spotted the edge of a rusty can peeking out from under some moss, after a lot of frantic digging they found in total eight rusted cans.


All up they found 1427 coins, the couple remains in secret as they do not want their house to be dug up by prospectors. They have decided to keep some of the coins, use some to pay off their bills and donate to charity. No one knows who originally buried the coins but theories suggest an outlaw like Jesse James could have buried the stash but it was most likely someone who was involved in the mining industry.

The coins were minted at the San Francisco Mint, one coin has already sold for $15,000. The valuation firm Kagin’s appraised the total value of the 1,427 coins at $11 million, the face value of the coins was only $27,980 so its been a pretty good investment. It is believed to the biggest stash of gold coins ever unearthed in the US.

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