Opal Auctions celebrates 10 years online

Opal Auctions celebrates 10 years online having sold 230,000 opals to over 68 countries worldwide.

Buyers can buy direct from over 150 sellers typically opal miners and wholesalers all on one easy platform. Opal buyers can search by price, by miners stock or even by location mined.

When Opalauctions was founded it consisted only of Australian opals. Today it is an international site with sellers from twenty countries.

Including USA, Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, Slovakia, France, Germany, Russia, Greece, Hungary, China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Poland, United Kingdom and Canada.

When opal buyers visit our site they can make purchases in a number of ways.

Such as No Reserve $1.00 auction bids, buy it now items and make an offer.

The important factor for buyers is that they have access to a large range of sellers stock that they can compare and from sellers that they can trust. Our sellers have to be Verified and adhere to strict guidelines.

For example if an opal is listed with a black background the seller has to provide one neutral and one hand shot. Many other sites only list opal with a black background and this enhances the colour more than when held in the hand.

We also have an Opal Sheriff who constantly monitors seller images and descriptions.

For example Ethiopian opals that are treated with smoke cannot be called black opal, or museum quality.

Opalauctions has just completed a major upgrade to make the site more mobile friendly. It also improved the video quality on mobile applications and added another payment option other than Paypal to improve the user experience. Come over and have a look at www.opalauctions.com

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