Ebay Sellers Banned on Gemrockauctions.com

Ebay has done more damaged to the Gemstone Industry than any other company according to wayne sedawie founder of Gemrockauctions.

Honest Ebay Gemstone sellers have to compete against sellers who constantly offer inferior ,treated or man made gems as natural.

Our online sites is based on Verified knowledgeable sellers and that in it self deletes 90% of online problems and gives buyers confidence in their online purchase .


We also have a Gemstone Sheriff program that monitors site activity and to keep to our standards high.

Since trading Gemstones online in 2004 we have only suspended 9 sellers but 8 of these were ex Ebay sellers.

Ebay is not policed and many sellers with thousands feedbacks offer incorrect description or over exaggerated description!!

But over last 5 years our Gemstone sheriff program and Gemstone Advisory Panel spends to much time on these ex Ebay sellers

From now NO new Ebay sellers will be allowed on our site ,

so our Gemstone sheriff can concentrate on improving our system instead of wasting time monitoring sellers who do not have informed product knowledge.

we have heard all the excuses –

My trusted supplier for 5 years always send me natural gems

My true friend for 20 years is my only supplier.

My supplier did not inform me that the stones were treated

Most of our sellers are wholesalers and have direct access to mines and factories but hey have been hurt by sellers buying Bargains from Ebay and listing on our site


In future any item purchased from another auction site will not be allowed to be listed on Gemrockauctions

Any seller offering items from other sites will be suspended for 30 days .

No exceptions.

Our site has large percentage of repeat buyers who trust sellers on Gemrockauctions and it is imperative we keep this trust and to keep improving our standards.

Gemrockauctions has also just been added Gemval -Reference values of Gemstones

Our approval system and verification process for new sellers will also be more stringent





Wayne Sedawie

Managing Director