Updated Sites now mobile and had record month

Admin has been super busy.  Last night we rolled out latest Mobile version for all sites.
Within the year we expect sales to be up by 50% and for buyers to be using Ipads and mobile phones to bid or buy online.
Site also had major upgrade so can handle 60 million hits year now.
Still few bugs to sort out so contact admin if you find anything unusual.
Forums are still easily read on ipads but is difficult on mobile phones.
May was record phenomenal month for Opalauctions ,due to Ethiopian rough export ban starting 31st May.
Average sale price opals doubled and sales spread over so many good sellers.
Marketing targeted investment buyers and our Opal price increase article bought in many new customers
http://www.opalauctions.com/docs/opal-i … o-increase

June has also started extremely strong
Opalauctions sold three opals over $3000 each first 5 days June.
Gemrockauctions sold two gems over $5,000 each
Investors are now targeting sites for quality gems.
In july we will attend our first ever investment show in sydney
19-20th july at Darling harbour
drop by and view some top Opals n Gemstones.

Fedex shipping has now also been added and aussie sellers have shipped to usa n europe in 2-3 days with tracking number compared to Australia post with their slow delivery and no international tracking
Obviously buyers are happy with our new delivery system at good price through Fedex
But w e have to ship volume toget this rate as its normally around $50 to $80 from aussie to wrold
DHL will also be added soon
Still working on more improvements.
Next issue is speed a super important now
We rank high but It guys think w e can now even be faster for usa buyers-sorry improvements will not help aussie buyers or sellers as servers now based in USA
Dollar conversion is also great bonus to aussie sellers
Overall a really good month for improvements and sales!
Wayne Sedawie