Opal Auctions Celebrates $10 Million In Sales

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Opalauctions.com celebrates $10 million in online opal sales.

Opal Auctions has now sold over 209,000 individual opals online for over $10 million.

Buyers now have confidence in purchasing opals online as they deal direct with opal miner or

wholesaler at best possible price.

It wasn’t easy to start back in 2004 as there was a lot of buyer resistance to online opal


Managing Director Wayne Sedawie recalls the 2004 Tucson show where they launched


On the first day a customer came up and informed us that the internet was designed for war

and should not be used for commerce and will never work.

Also on that day a buyer who owned several opal shops looked at our concept and said

people would never buy good opal over the internet!

The first 3 years we very slow with only few buyers and only budget opals sold.

It is only the last few years that people have more confidence to buy online and many opals

are sold over $10,000 with highest sale of $37,500 for gem black opal.

We also target non opal buyers to inform them how rare a black opal actually is and many new

buyers appreciate the rarity or owning a black opal.

Before the internet started, many people thought ancient roman coins were rare, but now we

know Romans made over 100,000 coins per year and the empire lasted over 1,000 years, so

there are millions of these ancient coins available now, even diamonds are not rare except for

coloured diamonds especially pink diamonds.

Our Verified Sellers are all to be approved by our opal sheriff program as all sellers have

product knowledge and committed to the industry.

Our Sellers also compete against each other and offer No reserve Auctions so buyers do find

bargain’s in this category.

Buyers are also at advantage to buy as make an offer category.

If miner finds opal he gets excited and sometime lists the price too high.

If he was on a sole site he would not know that he has overpriced his opal but Opalauctions

has fair market price so the opal miner would have to lower his price to compete with other


We now have 100 sellers from all parts of the world-from Australia ,USA,

Ethiopia,Mexico, France, UK, Greece, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand,

Slovakia and Hungray

And these sellers have sold to over 68 countries.

Today Opalauctions is part of Treasuresauctions.com group of companies and has set up

specialist Jewelry, Gemstone and coin sites and will launch more specialist sites to use our

online concept that has taken 10 years to be buyer friendly and efficient.