Bids Bids Bids


People enjoy bidding on auctions with passion and zest.

Bidding is a driving passion of enjoyment to try buying a bargain or winning unique items.

Since online auctions started, they were immediately popular as a source of entertainment and pleasure.

Today computers are logged on constantly to online auctions for buyers to strike and bid with their war cry bid bid bid!

Buyers now have their own strategy for bidding, some will, as below

-Register their maximum bid and hope for the best. Many of these bargain hunters will just bid low bids over huge selections and if they win few items at bargain price than they are happy

-Other will bid a maximum bid and hope no one bids that high.

– And last minute bidders are the thrills seekers of bidders

They will make low bids on items they want so it is in their bid dashboard

And with last minute ticking will bid to win at any cost.

They will use odd numbers bidding either  say $21.00 or $21.99

Many will have bidding wars and sometimes item will sell way above the retail price.

Treasuresauctions has had over 2 MILLION BIDS  have a built -in bidding system that extends bids if a bid is placed in the last minute.

This stops computer generated systems from outbidding a genuine bidder in the last few seconds of an auction and is fair for all genuine bidders

Treasuresauctions also has system that bidders have to be verified as legitimate and genuine so as to stop  fake bidders.

When buyer register  they need to confirm that email address is correct and to be verified as PayPal customer. This will allow them to   bid instantly on no reserve auctions

If they do not have PayPal account, they can purchase a Buy It Now item before bidding on No Reserve auctions