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Gold Treasures Online Having owned Gold mine and spent hundreds if not thousands of  hours prospecting for gold I was surprised to find my most prized Gold Treasure Online. It all started when I placed online advertisement in local area looking for gemstones to buy. A couple in their mid-sixties replied and showed me their Gold […]

Opal Auctions Sells Treasure In The Rough Opal Treasures find – 4500% Return!                                 Opalauctions shares a wonderful Opal Treasure Story .. It all started when Opalauctions very own verified seller ‘Kangaroo Opals’ sold a beautiful 9 carat opal rub to a Canadian buyer sold at a price of $45. To view the auction click here: […]

Non Paying Bidders A Thing Of The Past None Bidders on Auctions Buyers who bid and don’t pay have been problem on auction sites for years That has changed recently with updates on Treasuresauctions sites Buyers now need to confirm email address and be paypal verified before bidding can proceed and can nowalso register from […]

Buyers have been targeting top Quality Gemstones such as Paraiba Tourmaline’s , Australian Sapphires and Opals online. Treasuresauctions report strong demand for quality gemstones with over $100,000 in sales in just 4 days during mid January according to managing director Wayne Sedawie. Gemstone and Investment buyers have targeted top quality gemstones in January. Gemstone sales […]

People enjoy bidding on auctions with passion and zest. Bidding is a driving passion of enjoyment to try buying a bargain or winning unique items. Since online auctions started, they were immediately popular as a source of entertainment and pleasure. Today computers are logged on constantly to online auctions for buyers to strike and bid […] celebrates $10 million in online opal sales. Opal Auctions has now sold over 209,000 individual opals online for over $10 million. Buyers now have confidence in purchasing opals online as they deal direct with opal miner or wholesaler at best possible price. It wasn’t easy to start back in 2004 as there was a […]

Do you need to know what types of auctions there are? Read below for more details. No reserve auctions Item is sold to the highest bidder. This is the most popular type of online auction. Auctions with reserve Many online auctions start at $1.00 but have a higher reserve price so buyers will not win […]

Opal sellers on eBay have been doing lot harm to the Honest genuine opal sellers and is now hurting the opal industry We just did article about Eita Ridge Black Opal Scam … -opal-scam It is a wonder that the American Opal society or the Australian Opal association hasn’t taken steps to attack these […]

OPALPLUS HAS BEEN PURCHASER OF PERTH MINT COINS SINCE EARLY 1980s IN AUGUST 2007 WE WERE APPROVED AS AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR PERTH MINT AUSTRALIA  . COINSPLUS NOW SPECILAIZES IN COINS Peanuts Woodstock  1/25 Proof Gold coin Set in presentation cardboard case with Snoopy soft toy 90 mm high with certificate celebrating 60th year of snoopy. Charles […]

Ebay has done more damaged to the Gemstone Industry than any other company according to wayne sedawie founder of Gemrockauctions. Honest Ebay Gemstone sellers have to compete against sellers who constantly offer inferior ,treated or man made gems as natural. Our online sites is based on Verified knowledgeable sellers and that in it self deletes […]